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November 11, 2021

Secondary Packaging, Your First Impression Is secondary packaging important?


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The experience of opening the secondary package and reviewing the product is becoming a trend and new norm in the industry. The initial aesthetic of the product plays an important role in defining the firsthand impression of the product to the consumers.

With the number of direct-to-consumer businesses increasing day by day, secondary packaging is the natural replacement of the traditional smile that might have greeted your clients in a store.

Your secondary packaging is the first branded visual that consumers will encounter during purchase of the product. The individuals that now make up your client-base are more sensitive, well-read, and motivated to make social/environmental impacts using their consumption habits. The size, shape, art, and material of your secondary packaging now represents the values and aesthetic of the product. This means that secondary packaging now plays a more crucial role in marketing and overall image and firsthand consumer impression of the product than it had in the past.

Our team at Global Packaging Inc. can help you supply with secondary packaging that complements your primary packaging both in function and aesthetic. We have the capability and right resources to provide decorated foldable paper cartons or set top boxes in any shape, size, and color.

Please contact our Sales Team to inquire for more information.