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Elevating Beauty,
Empowering Lives

With Twenty Years of Experience

GPI Beauty is a top provider of innovative packaging and comprehensive beauty solutions.

Leveraging our global manufacturing partners, we deliver high-quality products and efficient supply chain solutions worldwide.

As a certified Minority-Owned Business, we prioritize excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring top-notch quality at competitive prices. Discover our full-service beauty solutions today.

Our mission

  • Pursue excellence in customer service.
  • Provide the best “Value Proposition” of the optimum quality-to-price ratio
  • Act as a cultural bridge connecting brands with the latest innovation
  • Provide an ethical and global supply chain
  • Integrate sustainability into everything we do

Our Pillars

Exceptional Service

Experience service like never before. Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional service that goes beyond expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Unparalleled Quality

We believe in delivering products of the highest value and quality. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every product meets the highest standards, providing you with unparalleled quality.

Innovative Solutions

Embrace the future with our innovative solutions. We continuously strive to bring you cutting-edge technologies and creative ideas that address your unique needs.


Contribute to a greener world with our sustainable practices. We are committed to environmentally friendly solutions, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

We operate globally

Our global footprint provides brands with a vast array of quality, value-driven options to meet their packaging and formulation needs.

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