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April 18, 2022

Introducing: Metal-Free Pumps, Refillable Jars and Airless Bottles


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The importance of sensitivity towards a more energy and resource conscious future is becoming more and more integral to the industry’s viability. Consumers are more aware that their usage and buying habits are great influences in closing the loop of plastic life cycles. The market is seeing a positive consumer response towards more green packaging solutions. As such, our team has realized the need to invest in more innovative and implementable solutions to make greener alternatives more accessible to our clients and their end-consumer


Metal Free Components
Streamline the ease of recycling by using our metal free components for your formulas. This allows end-users to easily recycle the emptied components.

Refillable Jars

Eco-friendly and refillable components can reduce costs, overall plastic usage, and encourage brand loyalty. By reducing the amount of plastic put back into the system, we can help reduce carbon footprint as well as decrease the amount of energy expended when producing the refill unit vs a full product. In addition to this, as refills cost less to produce and thereby often are priced lower to consumers, this encourages consumers to explore a brand’s product range with the lower “buy-in” and find a product that works best for them without “breaking the wallet”

Refillable Airless Bottles

Refillable Jars are now more commonplace, but refillable airless bottles are newer components to the industry and our Global Packaging offering. Airless bottle components which usually contain more sensitive and expensive formulas are now able to be sold as refillable products.

Contact us to explore our offering for metal-free and refillable components. (here) Join us in reducing the industry carbon footprint, one component at a time.