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August 16, 2022

Introducing Foaming Bottle Pumps


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Outdoor and social activities tend to bubble up more frequently during the hot summer months. We at Global Packaging Inc are introducing its new range of Foaming pumps with bottles ranging in fill capacities from 100ml to 300ml. Our foaming bottle pumps create foam by precisely mixing your formula with air to produce a high-quality foam with each push of our pump. Bottles available to offer are either in PET or HDPE and can be custom molded to create a profile unique to your brand. These components would be an ideal packaging for hand soap, hair treatments, tanning solutions, and more.

Foaming bottle pumps are more sustainable than you would think. HDPE and PET bottles can be made with Post-Consumer Resins (PCR) to limit the usage of virgin plastic and to top it off, these bottles are 100% recyclable.

Help your consumers prepare for future summers! Please reach out to us to explore how these new components can contribute to your line.

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