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October 13, 2021

Global Packaging’s New Design & Branding Service


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Dream it, design it, make it!

Global Packaging, Inc. (GPI) is a service-focused team.
We believe that our main goal should always be to ensure that all your needs are met through the most efficient and economic means possible. To help make your experience with us all the more convenient and pain-free, GPI is now offering new design and branding services to help supplement our original range of services.

We can now assist in the rendering, designing, and marketing your products. Using the experience and insight of our partner Creative Agency, we now provide you the ability to:

  • Work with experienced consultants/designers to gain insight into the current image of your product and its future representation.

  • See the renderings of your products before bringing them to life.

  • Create your pitch from scratch or take your current products and re-stylize them to a different level.

  • Develop designs without worry, as we will work alongside you to ensure the designs are drafted as per your requirements and it is production friendly.

Through this program, we hope to help ensure the smoothest of transitions from designing to production, simplifying the process for you and your team. We hope to allow you the breathing room needed to help redirect focus to other areas that may need your attention more.

Hungry to know more? Please contact our Sales Team to enquire for more information.

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