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January 13, 2022

First impressions through custom molding


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Product development is a more creative and expressive field than ever before. The story, formulation, primary packaging, and secondary packaging all add a color to the canvas you are trying to create.

Primary packaging does not need to be limited by packaging type or shapes. Our extensive experience in developing products give us the know-how and experience to help you sail smoothly through the developmental and manufacturing processes.

No longer an unfamiliar concept, the shape and feel of your primary packaging subtly impacts the consumer’s impression – how does it feel in their hand when they interact with it? Does the packaging make them feel its value or the delicacy and efficacy of its formulation? This is where custom molds can create a large impact on the overall impression of your product. We offer a variety of custom molds for any packaging options.

We offer a variety of custom mold options for tubes, airless components, jars, PET bottles , HDPE bottles, glass jars and bottles etc. In addition to this, few of the plastic raw materials can be mixed with various percentages of PCR to further add to the story of sustainability to your brand. Our Sales and Customer Services teams are experienced and able to guide you in developing a unique packaging that will be the face of your brand. Let us join you on the road to creating the best impression possible through custom molding.

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