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February 14, 2023

Essential Oil Dispensers


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At Global Packaging, we offer glass bottles specially designed for the essential oils market. We offer 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml fill capacity glass bottles in Amber and Cobalt Blue with various dispensing options such as bulb droppers, euro droppers, and roller ball applicators. However, the highlight of our essential oil and CBD based component offerings is our 10ml glass bottle with patented roller ball applicator: LeRateb

Our recently patented LeRateb is the industry’s first of its kind. Paired with a hidden tamper evident band in the over-cap, the leakproof applicator is the preferred choice for direct application of oil formulations. The 10ml amber color glass bottle with roller ball applicator and over cap is currently readily available. The 10ml glass bottle can be produced in cobalt blue or clear as well.

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