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February 18, 2022

Decoration brings your components to life!


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We must reconsider the depth of detail that we regard and design our Primary Packaging design. We often forget that the direct decoration (not the material and shape of the component) can influence both the visual and tactile experience of the end-user. Whether you choose a matte finish tube with silk screen print, or offset print with hot stamped streaks in various colors, there is an endless number of permutations of design choice that can evolve your primary packaging through just the direct decoration!

We at GPI offer a variety of techniques to decorate your components so that they can look their best whether it be on shelves, webpages, or in the hand of your end-users! Explore the various direct decoration techniques possible to enliven your components.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is by far the most economical and efficient method for high volume and high-speed decoration. Offset printing allows for up to 6 colors to be used on either gloss or matte finish tubes.

Silk Screen Printing

A popular classic: silk screen printing adds an aesthetic dimension to the tube. As it is a layer of printing that is being applied, you can actually feel the layers of print on the component. We can provide up to 4 color print for Silk Screen printing on either flexible plastic tube or any other plastic components like bottles and jars.

Hot Stamping

Add some sheen to your components by opting for accent hot stamping. The hot stamping undoubtedly communicates a standard of the luxury of your product to your end customer. There are limited options available to Hot stamp on either the tube, jar, bottle or the closures like screw on or flip top cap.

Gradient Printing

The ombre trend has not “faded”! This printing option is very much still alive and adds a degree of depth to your decoration. You can decorate on standard natural, white, or any custom color tubes. Understated but packing a punch, gradient printing is an option for the market to explore. We can do up to 3 tone gradient printing on the tubes.

Metallic Luster

Who doesn’t love adding a little shine to their packaging? Add a different degree of shine and luster by using our metallic luster decorated tubes. This gives a very much playful and fun feel to the tubes, leaving a firm impression and shining above the rest of the competition on the shelf!

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