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April 10, 2021

Airless Components: Now More Popular than Ever


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As great packaging is critical to success, many markets especially beauty and personal care spends a lot of thoughts in creating the best, most outstanding package for their products. Airless components are now more popular than ever for their elegant look, extended shelf life and many more advantages.

Global Packaging offers a wide range of airless packaging components designed to prevent air exposure, contamination and oxidation of the products. Airless components also reduce the need for preservatives and ensure product quality and consistency. Airless dispensing pumps provide precise and highly consistent dosage amounts per stroke. Additionally, airless packaging increases value on the shelf by positioning your product as a high-performance, high-end luxury item. Here is a quick re-cap of the benefits of using airless components:

• Prevents oxidation and contamination
• Reduces the need for preservatives
• Ensures product quality/consistency
• Precise, consistent dosages per stroke
• High quality, luxury product positioning
• No metal parts come into contact with the product

Airless Bottles
Airless bottles are considered to be the pilot of airless components, capacities ranging from 5ml to 250ml. Airless components are made either in double wall or single wall structures; and are also available in plastic materials like ABS/SAN/AS or PP.

Airless Tubes
Airless tubes are made in Polyethylene plastic available in either Monolayer or 5-layer co-ex with EVOH barrier. The airless tubes offer same advantages of airless bottles at an economical cost and are available for capacities ranging from 15ml to 90 ml.

Airless Jars
We offer airless jars with capacities ranging from 15gm-50gm. Most of the generic airless jars were only available in high end acrylic plastics. However, with the recent demand towards sustainability we now also offer a complete PP airless jars to promote sustainability.

For samples and more information, please contact us.