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December 14, 2021

GPI’s Tubes on Demand (TOD) Program


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Needed tubes yesterday? TOD may be your solution

Life loves its surprises, and we are here to support when it throws them your way.

When last minute launches or quick-turn projects arise, we encourage our clients and colleagues to take advantage of our domestic Tubes on Demand (TOD) program. Through this program, Global Packaging Inc. offers ready-made blank tubes in a variety of sizes and head styles that can help to patch the gap in your supply or provide the packaging you need for smaller or more time sensitive product launches.

All of our TOD tubes are made of white MDPE material with a variety of shapes, head styles, caps, and fill capacities. TOD tubes are stored in our local warehouse in La Habra, CA—circumnavigating any need for custom clearance or overseas production delays.

For local deliveries, we can help to arrange shipping using our company truck to facilitate a swift delivery to your filler or nominated labelling/printing vendor.

Our service makes the difference. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team for more information.

Please refer to the PDF (here) for further specification details.