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Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Elevate your brand with strategic secondary packaging. Inform, protect, and enhance your products sustainably.

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Enhance the brand image of your product by choosing the right secondary package for your products. A well designed and decorated secondary packaging offers durability and enhances the shelf appearance of the product to attract the consumers. A properly designed and executed secondary packaging works together with the primary packaging to enforce a brand image. Creating a beautifully designed primary and secondary packaging for your products increases the sales appeal for your product.

The secondary packaging can be helpful to provide supplementary information to the consumer to make an informed choice about the purchase. This specifically works well when there is not enough space on the primary packaging to print all the necessary product details. Having a secondary packaging also protects the primary packaging from any potential damage or hygienic issues caused due to handling the product by the consumers on the shelf or even during transportation.

There are options for secondary packaging which vary depending on the type of components. For components like plastic tubes with flip top or screw- on cap; the most common and user-friendly secondary packaging is the foldable paper carton. This type of packaging can be decorated using Flexographic printing, Silk screen printing, Hot stamping, matte or gloss finish as per your requirement.

For components like Bottles and Jars; the most suitable secondary packaging is set top box due to the heavy weight of the component. The standard foldable paper carton can also be used for these types of primary packaging by increasing the thickness of the paper or by adding another corrugated sleeve to make it more rigid.

The most exciting part about secondary packaging is that it is completely recyclable and can also be produced using the recycled paper stock, thus helping you achieve your goals towards a more sustainable packaging.