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February 10, 2021

Our Cutting Edge Green Environment Initiatives Support Sustainability.


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Global Packaging offers a wide variety of sustainable packaging options for the beauty and cosmetic industries. We provide cosmetic tubes, jars, airless components, glass and plastic bottles, component families, secondary boxes and more. Our environmentally responsible products fall into three different material categories.


Recycled resins are made from the post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. They are central to a green movement which empowers the recycler, packaging manufacturer, product manufacturer and end customer to all participate in reducing the environmental footprint. Global Packaging now offers the following recycled resin packaging options:

• PE Tubes
• PE Bottles
• PET Bottles
• PET Jars
• PP Bottles
• PP Jars


Our bio-resin based products are derived from the constituent monomers from biological sources such as sugar cane, corn etc. Bio-resin products are virtually identical to virgin resin PE tubes and offer reduced toxicity and are not dependent upon fossil fuels.


Global Packaging also offers a variety of plastic free products including as below:

Aluminum Tubes and Bottles
100% recyclable and available in various sizes.

Glass Bottles and Jars
100% recyclable and one of the most nature friendly materials available.

Paper Cartons
Easily recyclable and available in a variety of sizes and formats. We also paper cartons in the form of either folded cartons or set top boxes which can also be produced using recycled paper material.