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June 8, 2021

Aluminum Products: Superior Style and Sustainability


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Aluminum packaging for consumer products is not a new phenomenon (it has been used for toothpaste tubes before the 1970’s and the first all-aluminum beer can was introduced in the 1950s) but it has been making a resurgence particularly in the cosmetics industry. Much of that trend is driven by the modern design aesthetic and higher perceived value it delivers, however it does come with a variety of other important benefits. It can achieve lighter weights and lower shipping costs than plastic without sacrificing strength and rigidity. It offers the added benefit of a longer product shelf life. (The metal, combined with the interior lining needed to ensure product safety, can increase product longevity inside the container) Perhaps most important it is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet.

Longer Shelf Life

Aluminum has a much greater high-end heat resistance than plastic (-20 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) The metal, combined with the interior lining needed to ensure product safety, can also increase product longevity inside the container.

Lighter Weight

While Aluminum is slightly heavier than plastic, it is also stronger so less material is needed to manufacture a packaging unit. This means the net weight of aluminum packaging options will often be lighter than plastic alternatives.

Infinitely Sustainable

Environmentally conscious brands often prefer aluminum since unlike plastic materials, it can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its mechanical properties or raw quality.

Elegant Aesthetics

Aluminum packaging gives products a more modern design aesthetic and higher perceived value than plastic. It also provides brands with greater design options including a greater range of color and shape options with the added ability to print directly onto the finished material.

Here are just a few benefits which aluminum packaging has to offer:

• lightweight
•  flexible, modern aesthetics
• increased shelf life
• great sustainability
• FDA / ISO approved for food, beverages and cosmetics
• available in both bottles and jars

At global packaging we provide Aluminum bottles with capacities ranging from 30-500 ml/g and Aluminum jars ranging from 10-200 ml/g.